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Ordering from the store

Our Unique Doll Creation Process:


At Premier Sexdolls, transparency is key, and we want you to be a part of the journey in crafting your dream doll. Our meticulous process unfolds in a series of steps, ensuring every detail is perfected to your satisfaction.


1. Design:

It all starts with you. During the design consultation, our experts will listen carefully to your desires, preferences, and special requests. This is where your dream takes shape.


2. Artistic Sculpting:

Our professional clay sculptors get to work, crafting the head and face of your doll with precision and care. The intricate details they sculpt bring your doll to life.


3. Body Crafting:

Using only the safest and highest-quality materials, our artisans expertly craft the body of your doll, ensuring its authenticity and realism.


4. Painting and Fine-tuning:

Each doll undergoes a delicate painting process to create lifelike skin tones. Our attention to detail shines as we fine-tune every aspect of your doll's appearance.


5. Quality Assurance:

We subject every doll to rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets our highest standards. Only the best dolls pass through to the next step.


6. Assembly and Final Touches:

The different parts of your doll are expertly assembled, and any additional customizations are applied, making it truly one-of-a-kind.


Stay Informed, Every Step of the Way:


We believe in keeping you informed throughout the manufacturing process. You'll receive regular updates on your doll's progress, from the initial design consultation to the final assembly. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the creation of your unique doll.


At Premier Sexdolls, your dream is our mission, and our step-by-step process reflects our dedication to quality, artistry, and customer satisfaction. Join us on this incredible journey of turning your fantasies into reality.

At Premier Sexdolls, we offer multiple convenient ways for you to bring your dream doll to life.


1. Contact Us Form:

Have a specific vision in mind for your doll's appearance? Fill out our Contact Us form with your preferences, and our expert team will craft your dream doll to perfection. Your desires, your doll – it's that simple.


2. WhatsApp:

Prefer the immediacy of WhatsApp? You can reach out to us directly on WhatsApp, where our dedicated team is ready to assist you in crafting the perfect lifelike companion.


3. Email:

For those who like to take their time and provide detailed instructions, you can send us an email. We'll carefully review your preferences and respond with a customized solution.

4. Live Chat

Need quick answers or want to discuss your order in real-time? Our Live Chat feature is at your service. Our friendly team is just a message away, ready to assist with any questions or requests.


We understand that creating your dream doll is a unique and personal experience, and we're here to make the process as seamless as possible. Whichever method you choose, we look forward to working with you to craft a lifelike companion that's uniquely yours. Your dream, our creation.


Let us know how we can assist you in bringing your fantasies to life. Contact us today!

To place an order from the store, simply choose a doll that you like, add the doll to your cart and complete checkout. We will send you a payment link via email once we confirm that your doll is in stock to complete your order.

Please contact us if you are uncertain about delivery of adult products in your country.

Ordering a custom doll

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